Handwoven dog basket in natural, yellow and navy


This ethically sourced and environmentally friendly dog basket has been handwoven from elephant grass in Ghana, by artisans whose skills have been passed down through generations.


Each basket has been created with practicality and style in mind. With good care it will last you for many years.


The name we have given it is from one of the towns on the journey from Takoradi to Bolgatanga where these originate from.  I once travelled there on a bus and with the various breakdowns along the way it took over 3 days to get there. It was a truly epic journey but at the end of it was the town of Bolgatanga. The sight of all the colourful baskets was truly like finding treasure at the end of the rainbow for me and so my love of Bolga baskets began (back in 1996). I still have a basket from that journey and they honestly do last for years.



WINKOGO Woven Dog basket

PriceFrom £110.00
  • Please note these are approximate sizes as they are handmade and may differ slightly

    Approximate sizes:

    Small - L65cm x W44cm x H28cm

    Medium - L70cm x W49cm x H30cm

    Large - L75cm x W55cm x H32cm